• A photography workshop in Lake Tahoe, for those wanting to learn more about working in different types of light with real people.

    Our workshop will take place in what we think is one of the most beautiful spots in the US, a spot that always inspires us. Our goal is to teach other photographers that also have a passion to learn how to create photographs in different light situations with people that aren't models (AKA people that aren't regularly in front of the camera). We feel it's important to teach people how to photograph the every day human that doesn't spend most of their time in front of the camera and may feel a bit awkward when doing so, because most of your clients will be having a new experience when in front of the camera. We want to step outside of what Instagram is presenting and focus on the real beauty that is right there in front of us and help you learn how to capture it. Our pups will be joining in on the adventure to help us keep the atmosphere light and fun, because these two pups will help put a smile on your face!

Meet The Teachers

  • Kirsten Wiemer

    Hi, there! I'm Kirsten, an Oakland based photographer. I mainly focus on family and wedding photography with a lifestyle approach. I'm inspired by connections between people and nature. I love photographing in all different kinds of light but find myself chasing the fog when I can or finding harsh light and shadows in random corners. For me photography is about finding the beauty in everyone and capturing joy and those special moments you don't want to forget. I'm self taught although I've been a photo hoarder for most of my life. Most of my days off are spent outside on a hike or at the beach with my dog Birch and my husband Ryan. Birch has become my faithful sidekick on most of my weekday adventures and appreciates long walks maybe more than I do. I grew up in the desert so I find myself constantly in awe of the beauty of the coast since moving to the Bay. I also enjoy throwing on the potter's wheel and of course binge watching tv shows on Netflix.

  • Ruthanne Zouboukos

    Oh hey! I'm Ruthanne - a photographer from none other than Truckee/Lake Tahoe, CA. Born and raised in the heart of the Sierra, I grew up surrounded by incredible beauty. It has always inspired me to get outside, find the best view, and never stop exploring. When I began my journey in professional photography, all I wanted was to give people a tangible token of their journey, and that has held true to this day. I want to show people in their spaces, sharing their stories. Life is beautiful and messy, a little chaotic, and the simplicity of everyday is beautiful. In my day to day life, you can find me trekking through the woods, climbing a mountain, sipping some coffee (always) or road tripping with my husband, Demetri, and our mini-aussie Scout. We long to enjoy every ounce of this life, and see as much of this beautiful world as we can.

  • Experience

  • Our main goal with Workshop in the Woods is to help photographers come away feeling confident that they can photograph anyone in any light. We want to help you find different types of light that can be challenging and use them to help inspire your photos. The other main thing we want to focus on is helping others learn how to photograph the every day human. While it is easier to photograph models because they know how to pose in front of the camera, we don't find this to be beneficial because most of your clients aren't going to be models that know how to work it for the camera. We are going to set up some real life photography scenarios to help you learn how to find your shooting groove.

    We want to keep things fun and not teach you how to be like us but to help you find what inspires you while helping you to feel confident while shooting. This isn't focused on creating everything to be for Instagram, but creating things that your clients will truly love and finding the beauty in everyone. Throughout the workshop you will learn how to create a real atmosphere that allows for your clients to show their joy and connection with loved ones. So we will spend time teaching you as well as shooting. Outside of that we are going to be by Lake Tahoe so hopefully we get some swimming in and you better love dogs because our two will be joining in on the adventure. We will include lodging and food in the price so it will be more of a retreat style workshop with lots of time together to relax and learn.

    We will be shooting as teachers so you can watch us shoot in real time and ask us questions. We will also have time set up for our attendees to photograph. We are hoping to avoid the feeling of people shooting over others shoulders by breaking things up. We will have multiple shoots going on at a time and break people into groups to allow for one on one teaching time before and after watching each other shoot. We will explain this more via email because we really want to make sure we provide time for you to feel like you put what you've learned to the test and allow us to offer you feedback which you will get to apply right away when you move to your next shoot that day. Please feel free to reach out for more details below!

  • Day 1

    • Meet & greet over lunch
    • First lesson
    • Watch a live session
    • Dinner & s'mores

    Day 2

    • Breakfast
    • Morning lesson with a live session
    • Lunch break (outside the house)
    • Your time to shoot
    • Dinner
    • Sunset/dusk session
    • Midnight swimming?

    Day 3

    • Breakfast
    • Morning shoot
    • Goodbyes


  • Location

    Lake Tahoe





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